Thursday, September 10, 2015

"0x00002746 WSSECONNRESET" while joining the server to domain


We received following error while joining a member server to domain.
"0x00002746 WSSECONNRESET" while joining the server to domain 'wt.com'. We also received an event id 5774 from Netlogon service.

Event 5774


To find the reason for this error, follow the steps mentioned here.

Disable the Windows firewall settings on domain controller and we do not have any anti-virus software installed on this server, turn off any unnecessary port blocking rules. Turning off the firewall is not recommended, it is only to isolate and identify the problem. You must turned them on as soon as the issue is found.

Turn off all firewall profiles

The Windows firewall service must not be stopped or disabled at any cost, it may cause unwanted problems because other services depend on firewall service and you will lost the benefits of advanced security features of windows firewall service.

For more information, refer to following documentation.
I Need to Disable Windows Firewall

Next we will verify TCP/IP settings on domain controller and member server for DNS settings.

Active Directory server DNS settings 

If the DNS settings of active directory is loopback address, that is, 127.0.01, change it to the correct address.

DNS settings on member server

There are multiple DNS servers then, the local DNS servers should be at the top of the list on member server TCP/IP configuration.

Advanced TCP/IP settings

Disable IPv6 on domain controller and the member server and restart the computer.

Unchecked IPv6 setting

The steps mentioned in this article is not an exhaustive list, there are other reasons for this event 5774. We have only listed a few common steps to resolve this issue. In our example, the issue was resolved by unchecking ipv6 settings. So we have listed a few reference for you to look if the above mentioned steps does not work.


A DNS Update is recorded as failed: Event ID 5774, 1196, or 1578

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Troubleshooting Netlogon Event 5774, 5775, and 5781

Event id 5774

Event ID 5774

Windows Server Enterprise DNS Registration Event ID 5774

Windows closed host domain

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