Sunday, August 16, 2015

How to Enable "MusicOnHoldAudioFile" for Lync 2010 Clients Globally


One of the feature in Lync is to set "MusicOnHold" setting from client end. By default, this feature is disabled on Lync client. You have to run the following cmdlets in the Lync server management shell.

Set-CSClientPolicy -Identity <Policy_Identity> -EnableClientMusicOnHold:$True

Assuming that "MusicOnHold" is enabled for Lync clients. Right the users can set their own files but once we set it globally, Lync users cannot change it again.

Music on Hold option in Lync 2010 Client

Setting global Music-On-Hold file

To set Music-On-Hold file globally run the following command.

Run Set-CSClientPolicy -identity Global -MusicOnHoldAudioFile "C:\MusicOnHold\Rock.wav"

Set the global MusicOnHold file

Now verify the previous command by running following

Run Get-CSClientPolicy -Identity Global | FL

MusicOnHold setting in Client policy

Check the Lync Client and you will find that the same setting has been applied Globally for all the Lync client and cannot be disabled as it is grayed out.

Client Music on Hold option is disabled

Music on hold is a cool feature, but that important and it is only applicable to users.
There are other MusicOnHoldAudioFile features such as  CsCallParkServiceMusicOnHoldFile setting which can be set for Call Park Service.

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