Sunday, August 16, 2015

Getting a list of Overrides from SCOM 2012


Problem Description

Recently I implemented management pack for Hyper -V 2012 R2 server.To learn fundamentals of SCOM 2012 server see - SCOM 2012 Notes. One of the tasks was to enable Hyper-V monitors, which is not enabled. It means set "Enabled by Default" value from "No" to "Yes" using SCOM Overrides.

There is not trouble setting overrode on Monitors. Then struggled a little bit while filtering the
list of overrides for the particular monitors.


Finally, after some research this following command worked for me.

PS C:\>Get-SCOMOverride -Monitor (Get-SCOMMonitor -Name *hyper*) | ft name

The powershell command produce a list of override with specific name.

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